Trendy Elite offers a variety of solutions to inspire transformational leadership and personal growth strategies for the next generation of leaders to be successful inside the workplace and the local community. We offer a variety of services but some of the most popular have been focused on communication, our leadership training and development programs, our speakers training, and our Sales specific impact training tools. Below are are snippets of these. Check out our full list of services here.

 Sales Assessments and Training

Interactive Leadership Assessment

Speaker Trainining 

Communication Assessment Tools


We offer various opportunities that deliver world class service to meet the challenges of today’s workplace. Our sweet spot demographic are those 21-40 years of age and their managers. We know that this demographic are the leaders of tomorrow and the proper development and management of these rising stars is critical to the success of the organizations that employ them. The investment in their future, starts now! 
Unlock Hidden Talent
Cultivate Excellence
Staff Engagement
Pipeline of Leaders


​We have a variety of programs and tools to for schools, individuals, groups, and companies. 


People of value add value to others. Check out our client testimonials.

"Since taking this class I have been more motivated to step out the box and try more active leadership roles in my community, church and volunteer for more roles in my company. The course has push me outside my level of comfort. For example I agreed to take on a project that my knowledge and expertise in excel spreadsheets and pivot tables has always made me walk in fear. As of the last 3 weeks I decided to take on the project, and walk in boldness and confidence. This project has received recognition among several upper management members and will be completed by the end of the month for a team of 24 Auditors."

~ Latisha Glynn

" The course was well organized and Tywauna provided material that helped me to retain the concepts. This course has also provided me with the resources on how to become a more effective leader to empower others. Tywauna’s personal stories were very helpful in driving the concepts home. I am new to being in a leadership role and I will use many of these tools when engaging my team.

~ Tierra Cuff

"My closing remarks are just WOW! So many nuggets given! Confirmation that I'm on the right track starting out with your 4 week leadership course. Appreciate you once again for leveraging your expertise so that we may fulfill what we are called to do in life. Thanks again, the information I obtained was priceless."

~Kelly Harvin