For Immediate Release:

June 4, 2018
Cincinnati, OH, USA

Tywauna Wilson of Trendy Elite, LLC is excited to announce her role as Co-Author of the upcoming book “Dear Fear, Volume 2” 18 Powerful Lessons On Living Your Best Life On The Other Side Of Fear, alongside Award Winning International Speaker and 2 time Best-Selling Author, Tiana Patrice.

Have you ever felt fear? What did you do? Did you allow it to keep you shackled? Or did you push through your fear and begin to live the life you deserved? In the book Dear Fear Volume 2, Tiana Patrice gathers more than 15 women, rich in influence and courage, spanning across cities nationwide to share their stories of pushing through their fears to live the life they were destined to live. Their stories, though different by content, all have one thing in common. Fear.

What makes this anthology book unique is that each chapter not only shares a courageous story, but also provides strategies and thought provoking questions for the reader to write and share their own personal journeys. This book is more than a book, it is a tool and it is meant to be used.

Tywauna Wilson joins Tiana Patrice on her journey of liberating 1 million women from the fear holding them back in life, career or business. The movement #AMillionFearlessStrong has reached so many women all over the globe, including New Delhi, India, Zimbabwe, and Abu Dhabi!

Dear Fear Volume 2, encourages each author to dive deep into their story and share it, in order to reach back and pull someone else forward.

The authors bring forth experiences from several career backgrounds such as the government sector, entrepreneurship, medical doctors, nurses, teachers and educators, artists, CEO’s plus more.  

Confirmed Authors Include: Tyecia Powell, Anita King Jones, Christine Handy,  Kimberley Brown, Tywauna Wilson, Chinita Irby, B. Jacqueline Jeter, Yvonne Mtengwa, Taren Kinebrew, Ashley Little, Patra Smith, Nikki Miller, Rhonda Glover, Shani Farmer, Carla McNeal, Edith Utete, Sherika Jernigan

Chapter titles are derived from the author’s declarations against fear, such as, “Dear Fear, You Can’t Have My Impact” and “Dear Fear, You Can’t Have My Reset”, encouraging each reader to make their own declarations, as well.

Quotes From The Visionary Author
Tiana Patrice, Award Winning International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Visionary Author of Dear Fear. She is the founder of the AMillionFearlessStrong Movement and the CEO of Women’s CEO Alliance, a full service consulting company focusing on the entrepreneurial and leadership development of women all over the world. She said “Dear Fear is an opportunity for readers to be a part of a movement that is much bigger than themselves. It’s an opportunity for readers to say “me too, I’m not alone”. It’s a book that encourages strength and vulnerability and provides support for the reader to tell their story all in one place. The response we are receiving from Dear Fear is amazingly overwhelming. My vision was to give women a voice and visibility, and to liberate us all from the things fear has convinced we could not do. This book is where women from all walks of life can come and be one, with one mission…to live their best life, on the other side of fear”

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