Teen Impact Training

Teen Impact training are 45-60 minute sessions that help motivate, energize and educate students in targeted disciplines. Our team of professionals moderate each session which includes leaders in specific fields.  

Here are some of the programs we offer (list is not all inclusive):
-Career planning and exploration
-Success through failure
-Activate your fearless to reach your dreams
​-Your true strength
​-The kind connection
​-3 important letters

These sessions are ideal for schools, church groups, volunteer groups, teams, etc. 

Mini Career Exploratory (DISC) Assessment

Our one page “mini” D.I.S.C. assessment and the rest of the report provides our youth participants with:
– A quick assessment of their primary D.I.S.C. style
– A summary of their style
– Their key strengths
– Areas for personal growth
– Examples of career paths that utilize their strengths

This assessment helps them identify potential career paths that might be a good fit based off of their personality.

Leadership Game 
​Teen Edition